Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Putschdorf, the Fourth!

March! March!  Into the Marsh! With a squelch and a splash the Nabstrians plunge straight into the bog! What is Rumpfler thinking?

Well, while the unit on the left flank fires on the retreating Rotenburg cavalry, Rumpfler is determined to keep his formation and simply exert inexorable pressure on the Rotenburgers.  He is sure that if he just keeps moving forward that he will be able to outflank and fire on the Rotenburgers, bringing overwhelming numbers to bear.

(Above) Saxe-Peste carefully manoeuvres his flank unit to cover his line.  With the Nabstrians splashing about in the marsh, they won’t be able to fire on his men. Since the Nabstrian infantry are packed into a narrow frontage, the Furst orders his own infantry forwards. A Rotenburg infantry battalion is pushed forwards to a point in front of the marsh that makes it impossible for the Nabstrian troops to clear the bog without also engaging the unit in combat (with all the disadvantages that that entals). The remainder of Saxe-Peste's infantry begin to manoeuvre with the eventual purpose of swinging onto the flank of the Nabstrian infantry.

(Above) But what’s this?  The Rotenburg unit in front of the marsh, instead of holding firm suffers a terrible bout of confusion and marches straight forwards into the boggy ground!  How could this have happened?  Saxe-Peste practically gave the order to the Colonel himself! Which might, of course, have been the root of the problem.

(Below) With the Nabstrians still floundering about in the marsh, Saxe-Peste orders up the rest of his infantry. Volleys begin to thunder across the field…

The Nabstrians certainly have the advantage in numbers – their battalions loom threateningly through the musket smoke – but those numbers mean nothing when the leading battalions are stuck in a swamp. Saxe-Peste's plan to block Rumpfler's advance seems to be working…

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