Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Putschdorf, the Second!

Tum, Tum, Tum,  tum-te-tum, Tum….the steady measured beat of the Nabstrian drummers can be heard from afar as they mark the time essential for the flawlessly executed march of the Nabstrian infantry.  Long, long hours of exercise on the parade ground (not to mention fearsome punishment for any man dull enough to drop out of step) have their reward on the field of battle.  The Nabstrian soldiers look like animated automatons as they march up in column – and then just as quickly use their cadenced step to change formation into line without missing a single step or beat.  Before Saxe-Peste or his army can react, the Nabstrian infantry are deployed in a three deep line and are now approaching the Rotenburg cavalry….

Yes, this doesn't look good for the Rotenburg cavalry

‘Should we charge them?’ Asks Colonel Fogelstein of Honevell’s Horse uncertainly.  ‘Well, sir, I don’t know, it does seem like a good idea….but we haven’t really got standing orders to charge unbroken infantry…’ replies his adjutant, equally uncertainly.  Fogelstein is well aware of the perils of charging an unbroken line of infantry that is marching towards you at a remarkably rapid pace but he certainly isn’t used to giving up ground voluntarily…

Just as Fogelstein has made up his mind to order the charge….an orderly gallops up.
‘Sir, sir, you are ordered to retire, sir.  Saxe-Peste has a cunning plan and he has an important mission for you and your men on the other side of the field’, the orderly relates breathlessly.
‘Well, damn his eyes, I’ve never heard such nonsense, We must ch-‘. Before the last word is out of his mouth, his adjutant sadly feels bound to remind him of “that letter” and it’s embarrassing contents which mean that he must, simply must follow a direct order…

With much cursing and fretful looks at the advancing Nabstrian soldiery, Fogelstein orders the retreat to be sounded – and where Honevell’s Horse lead, the rest of Rotenburg’s cavalry will follow.  Without a shot being fired, the Rotenburg cavalry begins to withdraw…

What a large and enticingly open space between the armies: hmmm, best
check our maps ,,,,,,

Von Rumpfler looks on admiringly as his well-drilled infantry continue their march.  He has discomfited his opponent and – within minutes – the Nabstrian battalions will have outflanked the Rotenburg line.  Then the thunder of Nabstrian lethal volleys will soon begin to roll and win the day!
Yet…to the now very anxious Captain Wankrat, Saxe-Peste seems remarkably unperturbed.  It could be that Saxe-Peste is confident or it could be that he has just drifted off into a Burgundy fuelled reverie.  Wankrat decides to risk asking a question: ‘Should we not react to this dastardly Nabstrian manoeuvre, General?

‘Mind your own bloody business, Wankrat!  I begin to grow tired of your constant interruptions!  Can’t a man have peace with his own thoughts on a day like today?!’  Saxe-Peste answers violently.  ‘Anyway’, he says with another leer, ‘they – and you – are about to learn of my cunning plan!’


  1. Oh, but what does Saxe-Peste have up his sleeve? Probably best not to look...

  2. I'd put some waterproof boots on, if I were you.