Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nabstria Unleashed!

A report concerning developments in the Burggraviate of Nabstria, completed by Colonel Sir Mallileu Fitzbuttress, late of His Majesty’s Horse Guards.

'Pursuant to my purposes as His Britannic Majesty's observer concerning the developing affairs in Mittelheim, I forward the following woodcuts illustrating a recent event in the War of the Spanish Suck Session. Against normal practice, the Nabstrian forces have eschewed a return to winter quarters and have suddenly taken again the field of war. Rumours abound of Nabstrian stratagems: Colonel Zeigler is nowhere to be see; King Wilhelm, prisoner of the Burgrave, has disappeared, and so have some of the strongest wheelbarrows in the kingdom. Messages have arrived from Emperor George of Grand Fenwick. Peace, it would seem, is far from Burgrave Falco's mind, and it may be that, after its period of rigorous re-training and re-equipment, the Nabstrian army intends again to contest the field of battle with its adversaries.

I remain your most loyal and obedient servant,

     Colonel Malileu Fitzbuttress'

'A scene near the edge of Falkensteinburg….
Col Tannenbaum, Chief Engineer of the Nabstrian Army, surveys the proposed route of the army.'

'Tannenbaum is joined by the rest of the Nabstrian General Staff, who then argue about which direction to take…'

'The argument can only be settled when General von Rumpfler and Paul, Duke of Clarkshire arrive.  ‘It’s that way’, the Duke says imperiously.  A message is hurriedly despatched to the army with its marching orders.

'The column is led by two companies of jaegers and a squadron of von Gank's Horse. The rest of the army's light troops and horse are already scouting far ahead.'

'As the jaegers disperse to cover the column, the infantry begins to march past. "Keep in step you dogs!  The General is watching!"'

'Rank after rank of blue-uniformed Nabstrian musketeers tramp past. Never has such a splendid force been put into the field by the Burggravate.'

'In fact, not only General Rumpfler but also the Burggrave are both watching the column with a keen eye. Von Gank’s Horse, distinguished in many a combat, trot forwards….'

'The full array of Nabstria’s Musketeer Regiments pass under the admiring glance of the Burggrave and his staff.'

'"Huzzah!" shout the musketeers! "Long live Nabstria!"

'The contrasting red and green uniforms of Nabstria’s Foreign Regiment, the ‘Wild Geese’ of O’Leary’s Regiment.'

'From Falkensteinburg, the Nabstrian musketeers follow the cavalry and head eastwards, eager to bring the Wihelmites to battle.'

As the Grenadier Regiments bring up the rear of the column, the Burggrave spurs his horse forward: ‘Well, my lads, if you fight as well as you march, victory will be ours!’

Let slip the dogs of war! Or at least, take them out for a brisk walk! Nabstria has been unleashed! On to victory!

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