Monday, 19 November 2012


     And so it came to pass that the heavy hand of war fell upon Mittelheim. Hesse-Rotenburg was the first to declare its allegiance, siding with ‘the Rods’ in defence of the claims of Duke Juan Cornetto. Nabstria too, joined the Cornetto cause. Set against them were the states of Saukopf-Bachscuttel, who mobilised in support of Lord Drakul and his ‘Mockers’ party; and the Empire of Grand Fenwick, who also mobilised in the cause of the Transylvanian. Meanwhile, the other states of Mittelheim look on from the sidelines, claiming that their invitations to the fight must have got lost in the post.

     There is much at stake. Each of the pretenders to the throne of Gelderland have promised their supporters lands and wealth. There is, moreover, a religious dimension to this conflict. Cornetto and his ‘Rods’ are Catholic (though there are rumours that Nabstria might also worship other, darker, gods), whilst the Mockers are adherents to the Protestant faith: or at least, the fun bits that involve lighting Catholics. With an enthusiasm stoked mainly by fine wine and crude ignorance, the armies of the Seven Beers War quickly come to blows ...........

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